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Government expected to regularize, control and administer all the facts relating to public health, subsidiary services and public roads and also to facilitate, maintain and uplift the living standard of the people by establishing the urban councils. We have already identified number of services that can be implemented and have to be implemented.

Our urban council consists of 7 members and since august 2011, we appear for that responsibility and bound to do it properly.

Message of the Secretary, Mrs. Anula Waduge
Anula Waduge
Controlling, preserving and uplifting the matters related to public health, public subsidiary services and common roads were devolved to the local government authority of the area. Our aim is to give our people more efficient service by a easily accessible way. I respectfully invite you to visit our official web site to get our services and an idea about the development activities of our area.

History of Embilipitiya Urban Council
  A part of Embilipitiya Pradeshiya sabha was upgraded as Embilipitiya Urban Council by Hon. Alik Aluwihare (then minister of Home affairs, Provincial Council and Local Government) covering the rules and regulations published in the extra ordinary gazette No.453/27 dated 12.05.1987 according to the Pradeshiya Sabha act No. 15 of 1987 by section 2,5, and 9 of Urban Council Act from 15.04.2006.

First local government election was held on 15.04.2006. First Chairperson of the Urban Council was Mrs. Padma Weerasinghe. The Election held in the year 2011 was a land mark for the history of Embilipitiya Urban Council. It was the first time a venerable thero was elected as the Chairman of the Urban Council taking highest preferential votes. That is our present Chairperson, Ven. Wewelduwe Gnanapraba Thero.
Vision of the Embilipitiya Urban Council
  To become the most pleasant city of Sri Lanka by year 2015.
  Our mission is to achieve a clearer and pleasant city status by maintaining health services, roads and other welfare services very efficiently and regularly by charging a reasonable tax only to cover up the expenditure, according to the power vested under Urban Council Ordinance and other written laws.
About the authoritative area of Embilipitiya Urban Council
  Embilipitiya is a major city of Sabaragamuwa Province and it has become a centre city due to the Hambanthota Harbor & air port. To achieve future development goals we understood the necessity of a wide network of roads and we are developing the New Town road as a two lane road and Embilipitiya – Moraketiya road as an alternative road. Most of the people in the Embilipitiya city limits are farmers and their major cultivation are vegetable and plantains. In order to give them a good market, we are developing the land adjoining to the Embillipitiya Economic Centre with the blessings of His Excellency the President, Mahinda Rajapaksha.

In addition to that we have planned to develop the market buildings of Embilipitiya to meet the future needs and to construct a storied building for the urban council to extend the local government activities. Lack of a vehicle park is a major deficiency of embilipitiya town and now we are constructing a vehicle park in a land owned by Urban Council. We are working hard to make a pleasant Embilipitiya City which is a major city of Sri lanka. Authoritative area of Embilipitiya Urban Council is covered by the following Gramaniladari Divisions.
  • 214 Udagama
  • 214 A Pallegama
  • 214 G New Town
  • 214 H Yodagama
  • 214 C Moraketiya
  • 214 D Higuraara
  • 214 F Modarawana
  • 214 I Kalagediara
  • 214 B Halmillaketiya
  Embilipitiya Map