Health Division
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Public Health Inspector
Mr. A.P. Dharmasena
Health Division of Embilipitiya Urban Council
  Head of this Division is Public Health Inspector and under him, there are Grade II officers of Management Assistant service, Cemetery Keeper, Health Labourers and Tractor Drivers.

This Division has faced number of challenges successfully. Among them garbage collection and disposal is a major challenge. Therefore our urban council has implemented a special programme and following are details of it.

We clean the city, collect garbage, clean the roads and drainage on daily basis. We also have introduced to households a basket to produce organic fertilizer. Our gully bowser uses to sewage disposal.

In addition to that we also inspect fish & meat shops, Weekly fairs and we supervise hotels and food shops in the market premises. We take legal actions against those who sell food items that are not suitable for consume. Further we have taken actions to preserve drinking water fountains by checking water samples often and we also check drinking water bottles kept for sale at shops. We have extended our continual attention to the diseases like dengue and rabies. As the urban council we have taken necessary steps to make aware the people regarding the existing diseases and have taken remedial measures to prevent communicable diseases and regarding disease carriers.

Urban Council is always on alert regarding environmental pollution and connected problems with it and give necessary instructions. We investigate public petitions on issuing environmental permits and wrong doers connected with environmental pollution.

We carry on our process of garbage collection daily as follows and if u need any clarification please call chief Public Health Inspector through phone no. 047 7230275 or e-mail address
Time Table of garbage collection
  Tractor – Small Tractor                 Driver- P. Anil Kumara
Time Route
1st term
5.00 am. From Kawantissa Temple up to Udagama Juncion- panamura road up to 1st post – left side of the road – return up to udagama junction right side of the road – Ratnapura road – up to Urban council limits left side of the roads – return up to Kawantissa temple, right side of the road – taken to yard at 9.45 am.
  Tractor No.RC – 1108                Driver - Gamini Dhanapala
Time Route
1st term
5.00 am. Urban Council – Near clock tower junction – left side of the road – Mahaweli Stadium – return right side up to kawantissa temple – return left side up to urban council – 1st term taken to yard at 9.00 am.
2nd term
9.45 am From Moraketiya Junction up to Urban Council limits of Thanamalwila road- left side of the road – again from Urban Council limits up to moraketiya junction – right side of Thanamalwila road – again road near food city – ela bund road up to clock tower from mahaweliya – High Court road –again up to mahaweliya – second term taken to yard at 12.30 pm.
  Tractor No.RC – 6426                රිDriver - Asoka Sisira Kumara
Time Route
1st term
5.00 am. Clock tower – left side of Middeniya road up to Orit Apparels – return right side of Middeniya road – Divisional Secretariat – Police- courts – Ayurveda up to clock tower – return – new town road – Bimbaduyaya road – road in front of President's college – premises behind the fair – Kumbugoda ara – to the yard via power house road at 9.00 am
2nd term
9.45 am Kadurugas ara junction – up to Mahaweli Stadium left side- concrete yard road – hospital road – Up to Siluminagama junction left side of the road – return upto hospital right side of the road – hospital – MOH office – hospital road right – panwala road right – return via cemetery - via courts – Road Development Authority office road – police quarters road – 2 nd lane – right side of Kadurugas ara road neat mahaweli stadium – 2nd term to yard at 12.45 pm