Message of the Chairperson
Gnanaprabha thero Under the above circumstances, urban council processes and service network connecting to the internet could be considered as a development of physical conditions of the urban council as well as extension of its services. At present technology is developing rapidly and we cant reject it. Therefore our members unanimously approved to establish a web site to our urban council.

I firmly believe that this task will be more fruitful in the future than today. People can save time, money and energy by down loading these applications from our web site. This task can be introduced as implementing "Mahinda Chintana – forward vision" from the grass root level. His far sighted political leadership is unique.
His Excellency has contributed to make a computer literate future generation by establishing "Nenasala" centre in every village.

All the members of our council, Secretary of our council Miss. Anula Waduge and all the staff contributed immensely to make success this project. My heartfelt thank goes to Laknet Institute who provided technical facilities and technicians. I again thank to all those who help in numerous ways to make this project success.

May the Triple Gem bless you.

Ven. Wewelduwe Gnapraba Thero,
Embillipitiya Urban Council