Special Projects
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Embilipitiya Town
Embilipitiya is a major city in the Ratnapura District of Sabaragamuwa Province. It is a main agricultural centre of the country and also it can be described as a fast growing city of Sri Lanka.
Embilipitiya is situated about 178 kms away from Colombo, along colmobo-ratnapura-embilipitya main road. It is also situated about 40 kms from Hambantota which is a fast developing city of southern sri lanka.

Surrounding of embilipitiya, there are full of agricultural lands. This area is a leading plantains producer of sri lanka. In addition to that, farmers of Embilipitiya produce Paddy, Vegetables, and fruits.

There are number of tourist attractions close to Embilipitiya. Some of them are, Sankapala Temple, Maduwanwela Walawwa, Udawalawa Reservoir, Chandrika wewa, Udawala Elephant Orphanage, Madunagala Hot Water Spring.

Some major tourist hotels, state and private owned power stations, paper and sugar factories are situated suburbs of Embilipitiya.
Special Projects
  Main objectives of this project are to categorize garbage collected daily from houses, business premises and factories as degradable and non-degradable items.

Degradable items use to make compost and non-degradable items to recycle and we hope to make total usable waste as an additional source of income to the farmers of the area. We have planned to help the farmers of the city limits and suburbs by this project.

This compost project of the Embilipitiya Urban Council receives around 5.67 tons of garbage per day and we send them to the compost yard daily.

If you need any information about this project or any service please feel free to call via 047 2230275 or e-mail to our chief Public Health inspector.