Programme to establish a clean city environment

Embilipitiya Urban Council is a Local Government Authority in the Ratnapura District having an area of 50.98 sq.kms and its population is about 41,095.

Embilipitiya urban council consists towns like Embilipitiya, Udawalawa, Pallegama, Yodagama, New-town and have to collect garbage daily. Garbage at main bus stands and in the weekly fairs that operate 3 days per week are increased daily. We collect roughly about 3 tons of garbage per day using 3 tractors.

Collected garbage sent to make compost fertilizer at the compost yard of Embilipitiya Pradesiya Sabha situated at Kanabediara. One tractor load of garbage collected by Embilipitiya Pradesiya Sabha also use to make compost here and waste is disposed to a part of the same land.

Main objectives of this project are to make Embilipitiya a pleasant city and beautify its environment by a regular garbage management system.


Setting up a clean city environment within the urban council limits of Embilipitiya

Main Objective

Setting up a clean city environment within the Embilipitiya urban council.

Proposed activities to minimize above mentioned problems.
  1. Strengthening the environment committees operated in the local government authority.
  2. Establishing baskets to collect garbage at selected public places.
  3. Removing unnecessary dust bins kept in the city limits
  4. Setting up a shop to purchase and sell recyclable goods within the city limits.
  5. Exhibit mottos regarding the environment.
  6. Improve the methodology of garbage disposal and introducing the bell ringing method.
  7. Establishing name boards for advertisements (10 selected places – near pallegama bus stand, udagama junction, kothalawala junction, opposite the clock tower, New town central junction, near co-operative petrol shed, near Embilipitiya economic centre, Opposite the hospital, near Divisional Secretariat, near Kawanthissa temple)
  8. Make name boards of shops facing streets in a same colour and size.
  9. Planting and maintaining of fancy flower plants opposite the shops where there are room for that.
  10. Keeping dust bins at the places where lanes connect to the main roads.
  11. Planting and maintaining trees and turf at suitable places.
  12. Establishing and maintaining parks at suitable places (near Chandrika Wewa)
  13. Improving sanitary facilities at Udagama ela ferry.
  14. Draw paintings on selected walls regarding environment and garbage management ( wall of Urban Council, wall of the hospital and school walls)
  15. Cultivating vegetables and fruits within the compost yard premises and setting up a shop within the premises to sell them.
Prevailing problems regarding garbage management and to make city charming.
  • Scattered garbage within the city
  • Scattered garbage around the dust bins kept in the city
  • Heap of garbage in the streets
  • Make city and street charming
  • Informal exhibiting of notices and posters on walls within the city and around streets
  • Informal disposal of garbage by the households and institutions
  • Does not collect garbage to a regular time table
  • Does not keep business premises attractively
  • Unlawful constructions
  • Informal vehicle parking
  • Haven't constructed the security fence both side of the road where it is necessary
  • There are hazardous places to health in the city
  • Have not cleaned the udagama ela which is running through the city
  • Unlawful businesses premises within the limits of chandrika wewa
  • Does not maintain the drainage system of the city regularly